Architectural 3D visualisation

Visualise your architectural interiors and exteriors by utilising Heritage Technology's low-cost architectural visualisation services.

We provide high-quality visualisations for:

  • new-build developments
  • extensions/renovations to existing structures
  • interior re-designs and renovations

...and can provide outputs in the follow formats:

  • still images
  • 360-degree panoramas of building interiors
  • animations and fly-throughs that follow a path through a structure

Our outputs are suitable for presentation both via the web and locally on personal computers.

Breadth of options

Our architectural visualisation service offers a wide range of options. We can work from formal architectural plans and schematics to create a highly accurate, photo-realistic output, but we can likewise provide low-detail, untextured block models from basic dimensions and sketches. Our aim is to provide services to all stages of the development process, whether it be initial concepts or approved plans.

Our clients also have differing requirements regarding presentation. We can provide digitally-generated landscapes and features to surround a structure, or embed our visualisations within existing photographs. Differing seasons, times of day or weather conditions can also be incorporated to observe a structure or space in varying circumstances.

Textures and lighting

Heritage Technology uses industry-standard software to generate highly accurate texturing and lighting, providing a level of realism and accuracy that is difficult to recreate through other means.

Whether we are presenting solid materials, such as wood, stone or metal, or the fabrics and patterns of soft furnishings, our visualisations provide the closest alternative to real-world spaces.