Panoramic photography

Panoramic photography is a highly-effective, low-cost method of presenting a space digitally through an immersive, interactive medium. Digital panoramas allow users to experience a space from 'within', providing a mechanism to look up, down, left and right through a full 360-degree rotation - a completely encompassing photograph!

However, digital panoramas are not just simple, static photographs. They can incorporate 'hotspots', which can provide pop-up information when clicked, or navigational buttons to allow users to jump to other panoramas or webpages. A digital panorama is therefore an opportunity to present an visual, interactive guide to a building or space.

Heritage Technology specialises in providing panoramic photography for visitor attractions and historic buildings, such as museums, stately homes and churches. However, this medium is equally effective for commercial spaces such as shops, restaurants and hotels.


Interactive panoramic photography is primarily delivered via the web, and can easily be incorporated into existing web sites. Heritage Technology also offers a low-cost service whereby digital panoramas can be hosted and accessed via a standard hyperlink.